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EMC Content Management Server Programming(CMSP)(LegatoCert) (E20-405 Exam) 屬於 EMC Certification認證考試,如果妳正在為參加該考試發愁,you can visit 51-PASS,if you have any questions please Click LegatoCert E20-405.


LegatoCert E20-405 (EMC Content Management Server Programming(CMSP))考題由我們的專業團隊破解PROMETRIC或VUE考試系統數據包,經過資深IT認證講師和技術專家精心編輯整理。包括了當前最新的E20-405考試問題,包括E20-405的单選題、複選題、實作(Lab)題、drag-and-drop等,全部附有正確答案。現在購買《E20-405考題》您將享受4倍(365天)免費升級服務時間,保證了您有充分時間完成考試。免費提供EMC E20-405(EMC Content Management Server Programming(CMSP))認證課程、認證手冊等學習
EMC Content Management Server Programming(CMSP) (E20-405 Exam) Questions & Answers are created by our certified senior experts combination PROMETRIC or VUE true-to-date environmental examination of the original title.we promised that the E20-405 Q&A coverage of 98%. All of our content is custom written and kept current with several monthly updates on most of our products. As a 51-pass LegatoCert Certification candidate, you will have access to our updates for one year after the purchase date.
51-PASS Free Product LegatoCert E20-405 Exam Demo.For example:
1. Which statement is true about the object model?                           
A. dmr_content is not a sub-type of dm_sysobject although sysobject contents are stored as dmr_content objects.                           
B. dm_acl objects are stored in the System cabinet.                           
C. Not all sysobjects can have associated permissions.                           
D. Virtual documents are objects of  type dm_relation  that describe a parent/child  relationship between objects.
Answer: A            
2. How do you manually configure the DFC global registry?                           
A. 1.add the dfc.bof.registry entries to the dfc.properties file.
B. 1.encrypt the password 
2. add the dfc.bof.registry entries to the dfc.properties file.
C. 1.activate the registry user
2. change the password
3. encrypt the password 
4. add the dfc.bof.registry entries to the dfc.properties file.
D. 1.create a new user as a consumer
2. designate the user as a registry user
3. encrypt the password 
4. add the dfc.bof.registry entries to the dfc.properties file.
Answer: C
4. Which statement is true?                           
A. You use the IDfClient.getQuery method to obtain an IDfQuery object.                            
B. The execute method of an IDfQuery object returns an IDfCollection.                           
C. The execute method of an IDfQuery object returns an IDfEnumeration.                           
D. The execute method of an IDfQuery object only requires the repository name as a parameter.
Answer: B            
5. Which code should you use to create a copy of the current object and place it in CopyCab?                          
A. IDfSysObject sysObj = (IDfSysObject)session.getObject(myId);
B. IDfSysObject sysObj = (IDfSysObject)session.getObject(myId);
sysObj.saveAsNew( false );                           
C. IDfSysObject sysObj = (IDfSysObject)session.newObject(myId);
D. IDfSysObject sysObj = (IDfSysObject)session.getObject(myId);
Answer: B


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