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Network Appliance Data Protection Solutions(Network Appliance NACA Certification) (NS0-163 Exam) 屬於 Network Appliance Certification認證考試,如果妳正在為參加該考試發愁,you can visit 51-PASS,if you have any questions please Click Network Appliance NACA Certification NS0-163.
獲取新的認證正是成為在IT領域的艱巨任務,這些認證是不容易實現,因為這需要對研究專業和Network Appliance認證的獻身精神。更多對這些考試,現在不斷更新和接受這壹挑戰,本身是壹個任務。這Network Appliance的NS0-163題庫考試是Network Appliance的重要組成部分,認證測試專家51-Pass的NS0-163考古題有資源準備這些.核心部分Network Appliance認證,壹旦妳清楚妳的認證考試將能夠實時解決自己的問題。

學習指南:最新51-Pass的Network Appliance NACA Certification考試可以輕鬆通過NS0-163認證。

Network Appliance NACA Certification NS0-163 (Network Appliance Data Protection Solutions)考題由我們的專業團隊破解PROMETRIC或VUE考試系統數據包,經過資深IT認證講師和技術專家精心編輯整理。包括了當前最新的NS0-163考試問題,包括NS0-163的单選題、複選題、實作(Lab)題、drag-and-drop等,全部附有正確答案。現在購買《NS0-163考題》您將享受4倍(365天)免費升級服務時間,保證了您有充分時間完成考試。免費提供Network Appliance NS0-163(Network Appliance Data Protection Solutions)認證課程、認證手冊等學習
Network Appliance Data Protection Solutions (NS0-163 Exam) Questions & Answers are created by our certified senior experts combination PROMETRIC or VUE true-to-date environmental examination of the original title.we promised that the NS0-163 Q&A coverage of 98%. All of our content is custom written and kept current with several monthly updates on most of our products. As a 51-pass Network Appliance NACA Certification Certification candidate, you will have access to our updates for one year after the purchase date.
51-PASS Free Product Network Appliance NACA Certification NS0-163 Exam Demo.For example: 1. Which Data ONTAP option sets system-wide throttling for all transfers? 
A. options transfer.wide.enable 
B. options transfer.throttle.enable 
C. options replication.wide.enable 
D. options replication.throttle.enable 
Answer: D  
2. Before enabling an active/active configuration, you should verify and compare the configuration of the  nodes. Which tool can perform this task? 
A. cf-config-check.cgi script 
B. cf status command on both nodes 
C. clustercheck script 
D. Release Comparison Tool 
Answer: A  
3. Which command creates a new SyncMirror aggregate, letting Data ONTAP select the disk drives? 
A. aggr create aggrX -d 12 
B. aggr create aggrX -m 12 
C. aggr mirror aggrX -m 12 
D. aggr mirror aggrX -n 12 
Answer: B  
4. Assume fabric-attached MetroCluster using hardware disk ownership. If the local node has its FC HBA  connected to switch bank 1, it owns the disks connected to switch bank ___. 
A. 1 
B. 2 
C. 3 
D. 4 
Answer: B 
5. Which command or procedure would you use to undo a volume SnapRestore operation? 
A. snap restore -r <vol/snapshotname> vol <path_and_vol_name> 
B. snap revert -s <vol/snapshotname> vol <path_and_vol_name> 
C. snap restore undo vol <path_and_vol_name> 
D. You cannot undo a SnapRestore operation at the volume level. 
Answer: D  
6. A snapshot  is a frozen, read-only image of  the entire Data ONTAP active file system  that reflects the state of the ____________ at the time the snapshot was created. 
A. qtrees 
B. volume 
C. directory 
D. storage system 
Answer: B


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